the process

How to register to vote:


Read Letter

A letter was mailed to your congregation on October 22 on how to register your congregation’s voters. (Note: This is a separate letter from the one sent on October 19 on how to submit nominations. If you did not get this second letter, please contact the LCMS Office of the Secretary at or

Each congregation gets one pastoral voter and one lay voter. Follow your congregation’s bylaws to determine your two voters.


Use the credentials in the letter to register your voters online by Sunday, March 19 at midnight central time (technically, by 11:59 p.m. on March 19). You’ll need to provide the mailing address and email address for both voters. 

If your congregation has registered its voters before the deadline but needs to change a voter who is no longer available, you may do so until the end of June 9, 2023, at midnight central time, through the same site used to register your voters initially. Instructions are provided in the initial registration packet.


The week of June 11, Yes Elections will send (via U.S. mail) information to all registered voters regarding the voting process, the candidates, and the code numbers needed to participate.

Voting for LCMS president takes place online June 17–20.

Read Step 4C of the LCMS nomination guidelines for more information on the process. 
*If this envelope is lost or misplaced, contact the Office of the Secretary of the Synod
( or 314-996-1417) to resend it.

Are you a layperson?

Talk to your pastor or church leader about serving as a lay voter.

Example email:

Dear Pastor, 

Thanks for the ways you lead our church and care for our people. I’m grateful for you.

The 2023 LCMS presidential election is coming up and I’m interested in serving as our congregation’s lay voter. I’m sure you know our congregation gets two voters (a pastor and layperson) to represent our church and can nominate two individuals for LCMS President, First Vice-President, and Regional Vice-President.  

What’s our church’s process for determining our lay voter? I’d like to be considered for the role and am eager to serve both our local congregation and greater church body in this way. Can we talk about this more?

In Christ, [Your name]

P.S. The church was mailed an envelope with our congregation's login credentials in October. Our nominations for LCMS president are due by February 28.
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