pat ferry FOR lcms president

Walking together for generations to come

Our changing world presents new challenges for our Synod — challenges best tackled together by faith. Vote Pat Ferry for LCMS President and strengthen our congregations for generations to come.

Patrick Ferry preaching
Spirit of collaboration
Restore a Spirit of Collaboration
Community of mutual trust
Build a Community of Mutual Trust
Energize and equip congregations
Energize and Equip Congregations

Our shared future is connected, supportive, and faithful.

The word "synod" comes from Greek words that mean "walking together." Regrettably within the Synod there has been too much "walking away" and particularly from each other.

And yet, our church body carries the many treasures of our Lutheran understanding of God's Word, and our neighbors need this gift. At a time when churches are struggling with resources, staffing, and burnout, we need renewed vision, support, and hope.

Leadership in our decentralized world requires adaptation. It’s the joining together of mission-minded churches, ready to roll up our sleeves and work together. We have an opportunity to truly "walk together," building a Synod that offers guidance and mutual trust — a Synod that’s home to our children and grandchildren.
Voting Matters
Read His Vision
Pat Ferry speaking and smilingPat Ferry speaking and smiling
Pat Ferry speaking with studentsPat Ferry speaking with students
Walking together in the months ahead

When we return to a spirit of trust and collaboration, membership in Synod can be meaningful to your ministry.


How can we best partner together for the sake of the Gospel? Pat wants to hear from you through an individual or small group listening session.


Pat is speaking across Synod to share listening insights as well best practices from his tenure leading a successful, growing Lutheran institution. Ask Pat to speak with you.


The LCMS is blessed to have faithful workers in our congregations, schools, and organizations. Sign up to hear from Pat as we seek to build a more collaborative church body together.
meet PAT

Rev. Dr. Patrick T. Ferry for LCMS President

Pat Ferry has faithfully served the LCMS for 35 years. He is most known for successfully guiding Concordia Wisconsin and Concordia Ann Arbor as their president.

He is a thoughtful, trusted leader with a proven history of high-level problem-solving and consensus-building, inspiring more people to walk together for the sake of the Gospel.
Learn More About Pat
Patrick Ferry in his officePatrick Ferry in his office

Your voice matters

When we collaborate, membership in Synod can be meaningful for your Ministry.

Connect with Pat
How can we best partner together for generations to come? Pat wants to hear from you through an individual or small group listening session.
Tell Others
Share this info sheet about Pat with others. We can grow in unity, trust, and openness by working together.
Vote for Pat
Ensure your congregation's pastor and lay voter are ready to vote in the LCMS presidential election on June 17–20.


Timmothy Maschke
Rev. Timothy Maschke, DMin, PhD
Associate Pastor of Care Ministry, St Paul Lutheran Church, Grafton, WA Professor of Theology, emeritus at Concordia University Wisconsin
“If I could be so bold, I’d like to ask you to consider having your congregation nominate Pat for synodical president. … Dr. Ferry [is] an able administrator, faithful leader, and confessional theologian.”
Albert Garcia
Rev. Alberto L. Garcia, PhD, HLD
Professor Emeritus
“I have known Pat as a very pastoral person. He always is in search of healthy consensus and not divisions. He is also wise in discerning the various gifts of people around him and is a great enabler.”
Rev. John Oberdeck
Rev. John Oberdeck, PhD
Professor of Theology, Emeritus
Concordia University Wisconsin
“I encourage you to consider nominating Rev. Dr. Patrick T. Ferry … His ability to encourage and bring out the best of God’s gifts in people with whom he’s served, however, is what I consider his most significant qualification. This he accomplishes in such a humble manner that one hardly realizes it’s happened.”
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